Best Rectangle Trampoline Reviews 2016

Kids love it and grown-ups are also very entertained when they do it. Yes, we speak of jumping up and down on an elastic floor and bouncing as high as possible, and this activity is called trampolining. Trampolines are a part of our childhood, and they play a very important role in the physical, and even mental, development of our children. I am personally aware of this fact since my kid loves trampolines and he has spent countless hours laughing and enjoying himself bouncing in that secured and protected environment. Besides my own experiences, there were numerous studies performed and a lot of scientific data has confirmed the fact that trampolines are healthy and very beneficial for children.

My little boy has enjoyed bouncing on a mini trampoline since he was able to stand on his own, and since that moment on we simply could not separate him from his favorite toy. This intrigued my wife and me, and I started reading articles and reviews to find the best toddler trampoline and make our boy even more happy. We discovered that there were many types of trampolines available and that kids trampoline come in all shapes and sizes. Every customer probably experiences the same thing and becomes overwhelmed by the wide array of options and the fact that there are so many types and different products available on the market. With the fact that online shopping is becoming more and more safe and that shipping is very fast and reliable, there is a giant number of different types of trampolines that you can easily buy and have them quickly delivered right to your doorstep.

In order to make this process a bit easier, we performed “inspections” on several trampolines that we personally tested and we decided to write reviews on the best rectangle trampolines that you can buy for your kids. Best rectangle trampoline reviews for 2016 include only the best of the best, and all of these trampolines have been tested by our own little jumper and he was the happiest when he had the chance to climb on these particular trampolines. Naturally, we have taken into consideration many other sources of information and our references include other articles and comments from users from all over the world.

What types of trampolines are there?

We already mentioned rectangle trampolines, and as the name clearly suggests – they are designed in the shape of a rectangle and this has several impacts on the kind of jumps you can achieve on this type of trampoline. Besides rectangle, there are round trampolines, and they have their own characteristics. The basic difference between these two types is in the bounce since round trampolines “place” the jumper in the middle of the jumping area and the entire pressure is focused on one spot. This makes the springs move in unison and they all take action when the jump is performed, which makes the jump more even and, therefore, more predictable. Rectangle trampoline, on the other hand, behaves in an “irregular manner” since the springs do not react evenly to the jump, and the pressure is located in the specific area of the jump. This makes the bounce slightly unpredictable and can be more exciting and entertaining.


Besides their shape, trampolines can be divided on the basis of their price, or the weight that they can support or according to the recommended age of the jumper. Since we tested mostly kids trampolines, our site focuses on mini trampolines and toddler trampolines, but our trampoline reviews also cover trampolines with enclosure and some models that are designed for older kids or even grown-ups.

What to look for when buying a trampoline?

Since I personally invested so much time and money in buying different types of trampolines, I will have the freedom to say that I know what it takes for a trampoline to be a good one, and my experience will hopefully help other parents not to make the same mistakes that I occasionally did. As they say, smart people learn from other people’s mistakes, and reading our best rectangle trampoline reviews will certainly serve as a helpful guide in the search for the suitable “jumping toy”.

  • Kids' Trampoline
  • 78 x 78 x 84 inches
  • 73 pounds
  • Weight limit of 110lbs
  • Customer Review: (4.5/5)

  • Toddler Trampoline
  • 36 x 36 x 33.5 inches
  • 15.4 pounds
  • Recommended age 36 months - 6 years
  • Customer Review: (4.1/5)

  • Rectangle Trampoline
  • 204 x 180 x 0.2 inches
  • 9.9 pounds
  • UV-resistant, Water & Fade Resistant Mat
  • Customer Review: (4.7/5)

  • Mini Trampoline
  • 36.5 x 36.5 x 8.8 inches
  • 12 pounds
  • Folding design saves space
  • Customer Review: (4.5/5)

  • Trampoline with Enclosure
  • Size from 7.5 to 16 feet.
  • Weight Capacity from 250 Lbs to 330 Lb
  • Height from 90" to 108"
  • Customer Review: (4.9/5)

tickKids trampolines can be bought at many stores and, as we already said, you can easily order them online, but before you make the purchase it is imperative that you know what you need and what you are looking for.

tickEvery mini trampoline should be “judged” on three general criteria: quality, safety and size, and these should all be suitable for your standards if you want to be satisfied with your purchase.

tickAlso, there are some special features that certain toddler trampoline types can have, such as exciting colors, or songs and melodies that play as the kids are jumping on the trampoline, or the design of the trampoline can be in the shape of some cartoon character.

tickIn case you buy a trampoline with enclosure, some of them may come with a zip-up entry while others do not have this option.

What else should you know before buying a trampoline?

Buying a trampoline can be a fun experience, but usually – this process is tedious and frustrating, and people often make a mistake and buy something that they do not really need. In order to avoid this, parents should check several things about the trampoline that they intend to buy. Fist of all, they need to inquire about the safety, and, for example, if we speak about a toddler trampoline, they should check if the trampoline has a handle and if the bottom has some extra padding or cushioning. Also, if the family has more than one kid, parents should check the size of the trampoline so that few kids could play at the same time (although experts usually advise that only one user is bouncing on the trampoline at one time). Depending on the place where they would lake to position their new home addition, what parents should check this:

tickMini trampoline can be used outdoors and if the materials can endure rain and similar elements. If the trampoline can only be used indoors, they should know about it early on.

tickWhen it comes to safety, before buying a toddler trampoline you should always check if the enclosure is appropriate and if your trampoline with enclosure can be a safe location for your kids to play.

tickProtected springs are also important because little fingers of your young ones can wander off under the trampoline and they often get caught in the springs, if the springs are not appropriately concealed.

Best rectangle trampolines for 2016

Here we will present our selection of the best rectangle trampolines, and hopefully, our reviews will provide you with enough information so you can make the right choice and buy the best product for your needs. They are not ranked since we could not decide which one should be the number one, simply because they are all so good and there are only small differences between them. The decision is utterly yours, and you can be the final judge, i.e. your little ones will decide if the shopping trip was a success or not once they start bouncing and jumping on your rectangle trampoline.

Galt folding trampoline

We start with a rectangle trampoline that is designed for the lowest age comparing to every other kids trampoline on our list, and this toddler trampoline has several interesting features that make it the best for this age. It is very durable and it can “take a beating”, but it is also foldable which means that you can easily store it under a bed or put it in the garage. Also, this model is portable, and your kids can use this mini trampoline inside of the house or you can position it on a nice, grassy patch in your backyard. Either way, your kids will be safe and protected when jumping on this rectangle trampoline since it has a handle which they can use to hold on to, but also because it has extra padding and it is very low. Another important information for parents who would like to buy this product is that it can be very easily assembled and there are no complicated pieces or confusing steps.

Customer reviews: (4.1/5)

Skywalker rectangle trampoline

Our next product is certainly not a toddler trampoline nor a mini trampoline since this rectangle trampoline is a trampoline with enclosure, which somehow suggests that it can be dangerous for small kids and that perhaps older kids should use it. However, this item is one of the best trampolines on the market, and it can be used by parents as well since it has 15 feet of bouncing surface. It is a bit large, and parents are advised to measure the location where they want to place it before they go to the store or order this product. Since Skywalker is a renowned name in the world of trampolines, this particular “baby” of theirs is made of galvanized steel bars and polyethylene enclosure, which means that quality of this rectangle trampoline is guaranteed. Also, the surface of the bouncing area is UV-resistant, which means that designers intended this to be an outdoor trampoline with enclosure and it can, therefore, be used by aspiring jumpers and for recreational purposes as well. .

Customer reviews: (4.6/5)

Alleyoop Power Bounce rectangle trampoline

This rectangle trampoline is the priciest option on this list, but due to its remarkable qualities we simply could not resist putting it here. Some parents may have kids that are aspiring to become serious in gymnastics and this trampoline is the best option for them. Because of its revolutionary PowerBounce system, this sturdy and reliable rectangle trampoline will give you the highest bounce and it can support the weight of up to 350 pounds. This means that parents can easily use this trampoline, but since this is, after all, a kids trampoline – there is a nicely designed net that makes this one a super-safe trampoline with enclosure.

Customer reviews: (4.9/5)

Summit rectangle trampoline

Summit is another well-known name when it comes to trampolines, and they earned their reputation by producing high-quality items and offering innovative solutions when it comes to safety and durability of their products. Their 14′ Rectangle Trampoline is another long-lasting product, and it has all you need from a kids trampoline. It is very easy to setup and it can be used by parents and children alike, and it also offers great bounce so professional gymnasts can train on this rectangle trampoline as well.

Customer reviews: (4.8/5)

What are the benefits of trampolining?

You may ask yourself why should I buy a trampoline for my kid, isn’t it better that I just send him running or buy expensive training gear? Well, a trampoline is a great source of fun for the little ones, while older children can develop their skills and they can build strength. Rhythmic bouncing and proprioceptive input are useful to develop a sense of balance and toddlers are especially in need of this kind of activity. When they play and bounce on a mini trampoline they can build their muscles and increase the strength of their bones, without any serious fears about their safety since modern trampolines come with handles and several other safety mechanisms.

This is certainly not a coincidence, and many experts have agreed that trampolines can be useful in a number of ways. For instance, they increase the metabolism and improve your cardiovascular strength due to increased oxygen flow, and trampolines can also be a good source of positive energy and happiness, which later reflects on your mental health and overall psychological condition. Of course, bouncing on a trampoline requires co-ordination and certain motor skills, and this is also an important advantage of using a trampoline.

A few safety tips for parents:

Even though a modern trampoline with enclosure is a highly safe environment for a kid to be in, it is important that parents always monitor and supervise the play and that they react if anything goes wrong. Kids trampolines should always be dry, and you should never allow your child to jump on a wet surface. Also, kids should be instructed to sit down and calmly step down off of the trampoline and never to jump right off of the trampoline onto the ground since this can cause injuries and unwanted consequences. Kids should use trampoline one at a time, and this way you can be sure that they will experience the full range of benefits that come from playing on a kids trampoline.