We all want to please our children and provide them with the best, and when it comes to fun and entertainment how to choose the best possible option? What are the criteria? What should you pay attention to?

To me as a father, it was very difficult at the beginning. Like any other parent I wanted to provide the best for my family. At very first beginning, I bought one trampoline just to try it, as you can guess it didn’t turn out to be good. Then I bought another one and another one. And I had continued with buying until I found the perfect one and the most suitable to me and my children. At the same time, I learned a lot about trampolines and I collected an enormous knowledge and experience about them, which ones are safe and practical or which ones are cheap and affordable. As an every caring parent, I know how hard is to combine the price with desires of your children, sometimes that could be “mission impossible”.

To help others to be “the best parents in the world” I decided to give my personal opinion here in this text about all the experience that I had collected up to now. I want to help you to avoid getting yourself in trampoline confusion. This isn’t a small investment, and if you decide to provide it for your family you certainly deserve the best. After all, you are the one who is going to pay for all of this.

Kid’s trampoline

There are so many kinds of kid’s trampolines. Depends on your needs you should look which one to buy. If your child is too small and you are afraid that your child is going to get hurt, you should stop worrying because Mini Trampolines are the best solutions for the start. As the child grows up, you are going to buy bigger and bigger types.

Mini trampoline

If you have very small children then you should buy this one, for the first use, Mini Trampolines for Kids. Let’s put it this way – they are the best for the start. This way, your children are going to learn all about exercise and fitness. The best thing about them is that you can use them indoors, and no rain will stop them from playing. They are very safe and your child is not going to get hurt thanks to padding around the springs so your child can’t step through the bungee cord.


Toddler trampoline

These ones are usually smaller so your child is not going to be afraid of heights. With handlebars with padding, your child is going to learn how to bounce on its own without any chance to get hurt. My children have never fallen off this kind of trampoline. They are a terrific choice for the toddlers ages 2-3.

Rectangle Trampoline

When we talk about the shape of trampolines there are rectangle trampolines, they are the best for high bounce and they can be used by more than one person because they are very spacious. Here your bounce will not be controlled, you can jump from one end to another and you are free to jump wherever you want.


Trampoline with enclosure

The title speaks more than thousands articles, which is in this case the word “enclosure”. These types of trampolines are very safe choice. Thanks to enclosure, you don’t have to worry whether your child is going to fall off it and you can really relax jumping in your favorite toy in the garden.